Collages of characters and places (and new Stories!) to help as references.

Humans and Human-Likes


Alejandra Crean

Katherine Nancy Storms-Parks

Tiffany Michelle Gardner

'Columbia Divine' Tim Barry Sharman

Christopher ‘Chris’ Grange

Assassin 41 'George Scott'

Cindy Baker

Poppy and Katy


Molly Elizabeth O’Doyle

Bard Joseph O’Doyle

Fergus O’Doyle

Shannon Marie O’Doyle [x]

Trace O’Doyle

Riley Rose O’Doyle

Owen O’Doyle

Annora O’Bryant

'Silver Fox' Hurit Lenmana Haff

Albert Maslov

Zachary Moore

Connor O’Neil

Philip Kooper

Marilyn Claudia Durden

Gauge Robert Cabot

Jonathon Thomas

Charlie McMannon

Brianna Kelly

Susan Barbara Boyle

Ciro Rojas

William Ralph Yorick

Zachary Keith Rodriguez