Collages of characters and places (and new Stories!) to help as references.

Jada Ellen Jackson

Jada Ellen Jackson was the jewel of the Jackson family despite the fact she would have rather been at the ports then in the safety of home. She couldn’t handle the stress of living in a house of prefect people so she planed to leave while her mother was in the hospital giving birth to her little sister, Shuang Keeya Jackson. However the maid of the house found out and distracted her until her parents comes back home. As soon as Jada saw her new little sister she knew that she had to stay if only for her little sister. When her sister was 8 and she was 16 they both went to the dock even though their parents told them not to. Jada was jumping from barrel to barrel, her sister tried and slipped. She hit her head but said everything was fine, they both then went home. However Shuang got a headache that continued to get worse with time and she couldn’t keep her balance along with a couple other things so Jada brought her upstairs told her a funny story to help her with the pain, sang her her favorite song and watched as her beloved go to sleep and die. The doctors told her it was a Brain Edema (brain swelling) from the fall she had gotten. That night Jada left taking her sister’s teddy bear. She lived on the dock learning how to fight, lie well and to steal. On the anniversary of her sister’s death she left the teddy bear at her grave. On her 17th birthday the pirate ship Bad Moon came to the docks. Jada begged the captain to take her on board but Captain Cassandra Keven Heth didn’t see the need. Later that day another pirate ship tried to take the Bad Moon when only the captain and two others were on board. The captain of the other ship was about to deliver the killing blow to the captain when Jada jumped down and stopped the other captain with her sword. However she was given a gash on and right above her pelvic bone making her something close to sterile. That night after she woke up the captain welcomed her to the ship and to the crew. Later confiding in her that she would have lost her ship and her life without Jada. The scar healed wrong and now causes Jada great pain to carry heavy objects or to bend backwards or sideways. When she was 19 she met a man by the name of Paul. Paul was also a pirate on Bad Moon. They fell in love but after awhile things got tense and Jada broke it off. Soon after Captain Cassandra kicked him off and he joined the enemy ship of Bad Moon, The Prince. Jada was ruined inside but no one saw. At the age of 21 Jada saved more then half of the crew including the Captain and first mate by realizing that most of the rats where dying and figuring out that the reserved water had been poisoned. This would come into affect when they where out into the middle of nowhere and used up most of their supplies. Jada was then promoted to Second Mate after that. Throughout her life her parents have destroyed her confidence so she never calls them but when she does they look down on the life she had chosen. 

While Jada has no real family anymore and stays far away from then she has a father/brother relationship with Daran Paul Ecks.